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2009-08-09 18:15:06 by TheREALZeldamaster

If you are curious on how I rate and review flash animation and other submitted pieces of artwork please read these previous news posts that I submitted awhile back.


Really quick I would like to help you understand my method for voting now that I will start incorporating votes with my reviews. There are 6 icons to choose from when voting for a flash. These icons determine protection and blamation (whatever), so after I review a flash and assign a number to it here is how I will vote upon its rating -

5 -- 9 & 10

4 -- 7 & 8

3 -- 5 & 6

2 -- 3 & 4

1 -- 1 & 2

0 -- 0

These below are hard to determine their differences from each other, so I will try the best to elaborate.

10's are perfect and AWESOME.
9's are close to perfection, but are still AWESOME.
8's are very good to me, they entertain but not to their full potential.
7's are the base of the iceberg, and have many strong-points though still contains potholes.
6's are better and have some parts that entertain me.
5's lack half of what it needs to have a perfect score.
4's are not quite mediocre and are one time views only, I must be able to finish a flash for this score.
3's essentially need to be worked on more, perhaps the flash is incomplete or just needs to be better.
2's aren't very entertaining and are abysmal, yet have something more than a 1 offers.
1's lack everything except for what it has that achieved a 1.
0's need to get off of Newgrounds.

When I review, I will elaborate my reasoning for why the submission earned what it earned. I will try my best to provide helpful reviews that you can trust. Those that vote on my reviews as 'useless' please update me on your reasoning why I didn't achieve your standards.


Ok so I have created a fair way to review flash submissions which sit somewhere between AWESOME and abysmal. Everybody deep in their mind know when a flash is either a 10 or a 1, but how would you describe a 2 or a 7? This is my method in case anybody who happen to drop by my page wants to know. I wouldn't be surprised if a couple of artists themselves dropped by to understand my concept.

Anyway here we go!

ANIMATION - This is where I judge your use of sprites or drawings, and how you put them into motion. My eyes crave plenty of eye candy, though some works don't need to include motion. Colors, details, backgrounds, etc. Anything that has to do with animating.

CREATIVITY - We all don't want to see a generic movie. How original can you get? That is the real test here. Every so often I would be watching a flash, then something hilarious would happen. How valuable are you willing to make your creation? Need an example? Watch FALLEN ANGEL, that is all you need to understand.

GENRE - This one is easy to get a good score in. If you are doing a video game parody, but nothing is funny or it makes me cry, then you can expect this area to suffer. Does the criteria match the genre you are going for? For example, if you know who Uwe Boll is, watch his movies. His movies never match their genres, unless boring has been issued as a new genre.

SOUND - This is where I judge on your sound. Is it clear? Is it unique? Does the voice acting match? Are often used sound files used in your work? (I've heard the same sound effects in many different flashes.)

SYNCING - If you need an example of a 1, then watch Godzilla in English.

OVERALL - The numbers among the 5 are added up then divided by 5 to get this. Overall is the total score of the flash.

BONUS - Keep in mind that I hate being too harsh on these projects. I do this for fun, and with each submission I get a little joy, unless it of course sucks ass. Anyway, if certain parts of the flash make me chuckle I will most certainly mention it here in this section as a reason for why I added a point or two.

GRADE - The total amount the submission has earned. The big number from 1 to 10 reflects this portion.

Here is an example -

ANIMATION - 7 - xxxxxxx
- A little too choppy and it is hard to tell what the background is.
CREATIVITY - 10 - xxxxxxxxxx
- Never seen anything like this, awesome job man!
GENRE - 10 - xxxxxxxxxx
- Hilariously funny, the way a parody should be!
SOUND - 9 - xxxxxxxxx
- Heard some sounds that didn't make sense, but they were all original and great!
SYNCING - 10 - xxxxxxxxxx
- The sound matched perfectly.

OverALL - 9.2 - xxxxxxxxx.2
BONUS - 0.5 - .5
- I like the fact that this is the 3rd in the series. You are getting better with your work and keep me looking for the next each time I login my computer. (.5)

GRADE - 9.7 -------------------------------- [A+]

This is a review I made up, but this is the format. Again, I do this for the hell of it and I do this to be fair for those that deserve the score they have earned. I hope this review system is helpful as you wonder your way around Newgrounds. Just a little contribution from The Zeldamaster.

WHEN I review I do this up in my head, unless you want me to actually post all that junk in a review I will, otherwise people will think I have no life, which I do thank you very much. Anyway, L8's!



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2009-08-09 18:22:17



2010-05-09 15:26:00

I can respect man. It's people like you who are actually benefiting the community, so thank you. I can appreciate that a lot. Thanks for taking the time to find artistic talent (which isn't the point of NG anyway? =P I think some people forget...). Keep it up man!

TheREALZeldamaster responds:

No problem man, I plan on doing for a long time, maybe hoping to become well known for it. Long way to go in the ranks though -


2010-05-12 20:32:40

Good news post man. Enjoyed reading it

P.S. : I responded to the comment you left on my news post hope it answers your question.

TheREALZeldamaster responds:

Thanks for replying man! I will read it shortly and then tell you how it works. I appreciate your time for a response and a visit to my profile -